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Why Did Panera Just Spend $42 Million on Mobile Ordering? →

Watch: Dunkin’ Brands CEO Nigel Travis on Online Ordering

What does the CEO at the helm of the world’s largest ice cream chain have to say about online ordering? Watch this Fox Business segment as Dunkin’ Brands CEO Nigel Travis talks about Baskin-Robbins’ new digital ordering initiative as the new future of the brand.

Travis called online cake ordering “the ultimate convenience play” for customers - we couldn’t agree more and are happy to hear from our partner that the program is off to a great start!

6 technologies about to change limited service restaurants →

Baskin-Robbins Launches Online Cake Ordering Through Olo’s Digital Ordering Platform →

"The hottest thing on the menu in the restaurant industry is the ability to order and pay for food digitally." -WSJ

— Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal explains why ice cream is the next frontier in online ordering.

Podcast: Building a Cross-Platform Mobile App with Greg Shackles →

The latest Tablet Show features Olo’s own Greg Shackles discussing our new mobile stack and how the team used Xamarin to take it cross-platform. 

Eating-dinner-with-Scarlett-Johansson →

Olo Unplugged: Listen & learn about Olo and the latest in digital ordering. →

Online Ordering Goes From Great Expectations to Exceeding Them | News | Hospitality Magazine (HT) →

Surging wages and digital ordering. →

Olo CEO, Noah Glass, ponders the ways digital commerce can help restaurants manage costs and staffing.