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Olo’s Greg Shackles to speak at Xamarin Evolve 2014

Today Xamarin announced their lineup of expert-led training sessions for this year’s mobile development event, which will be held in Atlanta on October 6-10th.

Register to hear Olo’s own Greg Shackles present on testing and continuous integration!


Cousins Subs Enhances Online Ordering Website and Mobile Apps With Olo →

Cousins saw their average check increase by 33% during the test period. Check out the web, iOS, and Android apps today!

Brunch with Olo this weekend

Meet the Olo team at Amusemi’s food tech startup brunch on Sunday, June 22! We will be joining Plated for a morning of conversation with fellow NYC designers, entrepreneurs, and food-techies.

Olo is 9: Mobile Ordering Since June 1, 2005

By Noah Glass
Founder & CEO, Olo

 celebrated its ninth birthday on Sunday, marking another amazing year. 
When I founded Olo on June 1, 2005, fewer than 5 percent of mobile phone users had smartphones. Many people thought we were crazy when we suggested that smartphones would be the key to bringing the “faster, more accurate, more personal” advantages of online ordering to all restaurants: even coffee shops. No one thinks we’re crazy now.
With over 70 percent of mobile phone users now using smartphones and rampant usage of apps like Uber that have fundamentally transformed our interactions with the offline world, leading restaurant brands have come to view mobile ordering as the perfect platform for customer engagement. Even coffee and fast food brands see that mobile ordering can help them deliver a faster, more accurate, more personal customer experience by letting customers “Skip the Line®.”
Watch my keynote from the 2014 Restaurant Leadership Conference here:

Mobile is Eating Your Restaurant

Over this past year, Olo:

Olo’s enterprise-grade digital ordering engine is making it easy for the fastest-growing restaurant brands to better serve loyal customers by letting them order and pay from everywhere and Skip the Line®. Faster, more accurate, more personal. That’s Olo.

3 reasons why the Starbucks app would fail at your restaurant →

The Starbucks mobile concept is widely-idolized, but would it work for most retailers? Olo Founder & CEO Noah Glass tackles this issue in QSRweb.

Why Did Panera Just Spend $42 Million on Mobile Ordering? →

Watch: Dunkin’ Brands CEO Nigel Travis on Online Ordering

What does the CEO at the helm of the world’s largest ice cream chain have to say about online ordering? Watch this Fox Business segment as Dunkin’ Brands CEO Nigel Travis talks about Baskin-Robbins’ new digital ordering initiative as the new future of the brand.

Travis called online cake ordering “the ultimate convenience play” for customers - we couldn’t agree more and are happy to hear from our partner that the program is off to a great start!

6 technologies about to change limited service restaurants →

Baskin-Robbins Launches Online Cake Ordering Through Olo’s Digital Ordering Platform →